Nathaniel Fromme

A wiry, arrogant, and mouthy former cabin boy on the Heart of Ramsey


Nathaniel Fromme was never the largest lad, and as such had survive by his wits on the mean streets of Mercia’s capitol. He was able to affect an air of import around him, despite his fairly meager upbringing by a disgraced and destitute noble father. He quickly learned the system, and which side he wanted to be on. Still, an empty belly does tend to weigh rather heavily, and as such was caught attempting to steal some jewels from a wealthy family he was conning. While he was branded as a thief on his hand, his erstwhile father managed to let him escape hanging by essentially press-ganging him into service. A merely passable sailor, his airs of nobility and smooth social skills allowed him to have the coveted position of Cabin Boy, the perfect place for a scheming sycophantic survivor like Nathaniel.

He had dreamt before of one day captaining a ship of his own. Now that they are stuck on the New World, however, his goals are loftier. He will attempt to use every available resource to gain some measure of control over as much mineral wealth as possible. He sees himself as Governor of his own patch of land one day, with thousands of lives depending on his surely benevolent rule. For the time being, however, he is stuck in this swamp, and must survive by any means necessary. It’s a good thing he’s not afraid of getting his hands a little dirty.

All in all, a precocious 15 year-old with great ambition and few qualms.

Nathaniel Fromme

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