New World

Toward the Grey Mountains


Another day and night goes by as the group goes to the edge of the territory that Mitia has explored. They discover a river, and Gip successfully ties twine to an arrow and shoots a fish in the river. Mark the Mule is detached from his cart for easier transportation in the thickening woods.
The party travels for four days along the widening river, then discover and name Lake Burryn and river Mitia. Karn successfully marks these locations on his map.

While exploring in the rocky foothills of the Grey Mountains, the party discovers a 3ft diameter hole of worked stone in the ground. Inside are about 15 strange and angry creatures, whose eyes glow when struck by light. Then fling garbage at the party while they observe, and the party debates whether they are demons, prisoners or vampires. The party discusses burning them all to death, but are afraid they may be strengthened by flame, as the sailor’s god speaks of a hot fiery hell.
Karn and Gip have a dispute about whether the party should remain to watch the hole or head back to their previous campsite along the coast of Lake Burryn.


Jim Jim

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