Steelport was founded less than a year ago. The survivors 70 from the shipwreck of Heart of Ramsey have created makeshift shelters. Ramseys had the majority of the mining equipment and Hand of Ramsey had supplies to begin building the town.

Within the first weeks many of the supplies were consumed, but some wild food sources were found. There is some game in the area as well. The people of Steelport are very anxious about the coming winter as supplies and food are very scarce.

Burryn, the captain of the Heart of Ramsey has become the leader of the group, and is pushing for a plan to relocate before winter hits the village.

There has been no contact from Mercia.


The land around Steelport is damp, grey and swampy. There has been no success growing the crops that the Mercian population is used to. Wild sorghum has been found growing in the area, and that along with wild game such as deer, and large rodents.


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