New World

Into the Swamp

New worldBurryn asked Karn to assemble a team to head out of Steelport and explore, trying to find an area more suitable for habitation.

The team heads off the next morning with Karn’s mule and cart. An uneventful day ends with Karn setting up snares around the camp. Guillame heard something get snared in the night and beheaded a trapped capybara with his mighty battle axe. He hauled its body back to camp and began smoking it, leaving its head to attract the attention of a wandering wild cat. Mitia heard it circling the camp during her watch and woke the group. In adherence to his foolhardy nature Guillame charged with his battle axe. Meanwhile, Fromme bravely retreated under a blanket to prepare a plan. Robert beat the blanket with a burning stick, calling him a coward.

Mitia and Guillame slew the cat, and Fromme and Robert worked out their differences with a battle of wills, Fromme prevailing.

Karn regales the team with tales of his adventures in Mercia, causing them all to gain the “respect for Karn” condition.

The whole team learned a lot about hunting over the next few days, Guillame is in the process of making a cloak out of the wildcat.


Jim Jim

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